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Abby accepted that she can't measure up to her beautiful, magnetic sister Tess a long time ago, and knows exactly what she is: Second best. Invisible.

Until the accident.

Now Tess is in a coma, and Abby's life is on hold. It may have been hard living with Tess, but it's nothing compared to living without her.

She's got a plan to bring Tess back though, involving the gorgeous and mysterious Eli, but then Abby learns something about Tess, something that was always there, but that she'd never seen.

Abby is about to find out that truth isn't always what you think it is, and that life holds more than she ever thought it could...

What Others Say:

One of Booklist's Top 10 Romance Fiction for Youth: 2011

A 2012 TAYSHAS pick (thank you, fab Texas librarians!!)

"In the first couple of pages I was already fighting back tears. Typical Elizabeth Scott. Reminiscent of Bloom and Perfect You, Scott writes a beautiful story of romance, family issues, tragedy, and personal growth. Every time I read one of her novels I feel like I am drowning inside a beautiful story, and when I turn the last page I can finally breathe again. Its like I'm holding my breath the whole time, wishing to know what happens, but never wanting it to end. From the first line I was immersed into the main character's mind. I felt what she felt. I saw what she saw.

Abby just lost her sister, though she won't admit it. While Tess's body is in a strange hospital bed, her mind has yet to return. And though Abby wants her sister to wake up, because well she is her sister, the majority wants her to wake up so Abby doesn't have to spend the rest of her life living in the shadow of her perfect sister.... someone she could never be. This story isn't just about loss. It's about insecurity and letting those around you affect how we see ourselves. It's about want, wanting and being wanted. It's about LIVING our lives, and not letting things pass us by.

Deeply real and moving, everyone in this novel has a secret and as you turn the pages more and more is revealed." -- The Secret Life of an Avid Reader

"Before picking up Between Here and Forever, I urge readers to read or reread Bloom, Scott's debut novel. No, it's not because I love that book (well partially yes), but because Lauren (of Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf) pointed that the characters from Bloom make a reappearance. After making that connection, Between Here and Forever became so much...more in a way. Anyway I'll gush about that later on.

Between Here and Forever focuses on Abby and her relationship with her sister Tess. Abby is always in the shadow of perfect, prefect Tess. Tess is always so careful, but fate decides to be ironic. Tess decides to leave a bit later from a party to avoid riding with a drunk, but on her way home she gets into a car accident. The car slips on black ice. Now Tess is in a coma and Abby is desperate to wake her up even if it means asking a random stranger, Eli, to talk to Tess.

Between Here and Forever rekindled by love for Scott's works. This is really similar to Bloom where the main character has low self-esteem, somewhat overshadowed, and is afraid to be happy for the sake of happiness. Abby is constantly in the shadow of Tess even when Tess is in a coma. Her sister is perfect in Abby's eyes and she's nothing much in comparison. Between Here and Forever uses simple words to express dark feelings that pulls readers in. While Abby doesn't turn to cutting, starving herself, or other very serious actions, she lives invisibly. Without a real goal, very close friends, or the drive to be who she can be, Abby isn't truly living. Between Here and Forever emphasizes that no one is perfect--not Tess, not Abby--but there will be someone who thinks you are. And when you find that person be happy.

Another important element in Between Here and Forever is Eli. Eli has OCD and a mix heritage: "I'm half Japanese, part black--and this is what counts in Milford--part white...I don't like being divided into little pieces of color." (101). That last line speaks for itself; it's a strong sentence but comprised of very simple words. Eli's OCD is part of Eli but doesn't make him, him. I think Scott does a great job of depicting his life and his hardships and how it affects others' viewpoints of him. Eli is a great hero for all his faults because he's a supportive character who's nice, gentle, and flusters easily.

Elizabeth Scott also doesn't poke lightly on sexuality--particularly lesbianism--and death and teenage pregnancy. These two things build up the foundation of some of the side plots and characteristics. In ways I don't appreciate living in a big city for all its advantages until someone points it.

Okay so going back to Bloom and its connection to Between Here and Forever. I really urge you to be familiar with the book because it brings to light some minor details that will cast Between Here and Forever that will elevate the book. At first I really liked the book but now I love the book. My heart broke more than once, but it also fluttered because you get a sort of happily ever after that I wasn't expecting. For all its dark elements I can't help but smile. And be giddy. And reread the book like a million times over again." -- Books By Their Cover

"Abby is the younger sister of Tess, who is/was the epitome of perfect in Abby's eyes. She was funny, social, easy going, and her entire town loved her. And Abby has always been Tess's little sister.

That is, until Tess gets in a car accident, leaving her in a coma, and leaving Abby to find out who she is besides Tess;s little sister, even though that's all she's ever known how to be. How I loved this book, let me count thy ways.

1. Abby is a FANTASTIC character. Yes, she is very flawed, and often times I really just wanted to slap her and tell her to have some self confidence, but her flaws were what made the book such a good read. She spends everyday at the hospital with Tess, waiting for her to wake up, but really, it's for all the wrong reasons. And I felt so bad for her that she felt like she was in this shadow, that she really wasn't. That she compared herself to some kind of perfection that didn't even exist. She decides that Eli, being super hot, would make Tess wake up. She swears Tess moves when she hears his voice, and so she becomes determined with the idea, so everyday she meets Eli at the hospital and asks him questions so Tess can get to know him, and she tells stories about Tess. But you know, when you have a super hot boy around everyday, things get complicated.

2. Eli was utterly adorable. Seriously. I just wanted to hug him and never let him go. He was beautiful, and didn't know it. He was too focused on his faults, and didn't realize that he was amazing anyway- that is until Abby proved to him that there's more to his life than that. SO. much. more!

3. And then there's Tess, who we get to know through Abby's eyes, and I felt bad for her. She wasn't perfect, but she tried so hard to be. Too hard. She didn't even allow herself to be happy. I think everyone can relate to that on some level. Trying to be what others want of you.

4. Secrets. There are so many secrets in this book. Family secrets. Personal secrets. Shameful secrets. And secrets that should have been obvious to Abby, but she just never saw them. Which is so sad to me. But all of it felt genuine. No one's family is perfect, and definitely not Abby's.

5. I really loved all of the characters in this story. They all felt so real to me, even when they were tragic. I felt like I knew them, and I was sad when I had to say goodbye to them at the end of the book.

It was a really wonderful read. I definitely suggest it. :) (If the cover wasn't enough to pull you in, I hope this does!)" -- Magnet4Books

"Ever since the accident that put her sister Tess in a coma, Abby has put her life on hold. She visits Tess in the hospital every day, talking to her, trying to persuade her to wake up. Tess has always been the bright, beautiful, adventurous one, and now that she's gone, Abby doesn't know what to do. Then one day at the hospital, she spots Eli. Abby is sure that he's exactly the type that Tess would go for, and when he speaks, she sees Tess move slightly. She persuades Eli to sit with her and Tess and talk in an attempt to get her to wake up, but slowly begins to become friends with him. As Abby begins to fall for Eli and is forced to face the possibility of a future without her sister, she discovers secrets about Tess that she never knew.

Between Here and Forever is another sweet and emotional coming-of-age novel, tinged with sorrow. Abby is very insecure in the beginning of the book. She's content to be known as Tess's sister and let her have the spotlight, and when Tess is no longer there, she has a hard time dealing. Her desperation is what brings her to Eli, who is a genuinely good guy struggling with his own problems when he encounters Abby. He puts up with the fact that she is a little dense and can't see that he is attracted to her, not Tess, and they slowly learn to trust each other. Their romance is tentative and heartfelt, and completely satisfying as Eli divulges his struggles to Abby and Abby learns to be honest about how she truly feels with him. However, it's not enough of a distraction to keep the reader from wondering about secrets that Tess held while she was still awake, and the story becomes worthwhile when Abby finally gets up the courage to see the truth about her sister and in that revelation, is able to make peace with her and with herself. Scott's writing is beautiful and incisive, and Between Here and Forever is not to be missed." -- The Compulsive Reader

"Seventeen-year-old Abby just wants two things: for her sister to wake up, and to get out of Ferrisville. Unfortunately, they're connected, for as long as her sister, Tess, is in a coma, Abby feels like she can't leave.

Abby isn't a complicated girl. She's very blunt and very persistent when it comes to things she wants. But she feels she falls short when compared to Tess, and everyone compares them, even if they don't mean to. There might be some issues she needs to work out about herself and her sister, but for the most part, what you see is what you get. She's refreshing in a world where a lot of authors write girls as backstabbing, hypocritical players. I'm not saying Abby's perfect because she's not, but she does have an unique ability to cut right through the crap and say what she wants to.

And Eli. *sigh* Gorgeous Eli. He's a puzzle. For someone who is so pretty, he's not vain about it. He doesn't act like one of the "beautiful people." There's something about him that I don't want to reveal because it'll ruin the guessing fun when reading this book, but it's not hard to figure out if you know the signs. The way Elizabeth portrays Eli, especially his backstory, pulls on the heartstrings. He made me sigh on several occasions because guys like him do not exist in the real world. They just don't. But I desperately want one.

I want an Eli.

The story itself seems to revolve around Tess, even though she's unconscious the entire time. Abby's flashbacks to growing up in Tess's shadow are the only times we see the person that she was before the accident. And the thing Abby figures out about Tess is somewhat apparent, if you're looking in the right places. I guessed it around chapter ten, and while I wasn't right on, it was pretty close to the truth.

Random trivia: I didn't know this at the time, but Tess and Abby's parents are featured in Bloom, a book Elizabeth Scott wrote a couple years ago...I would recommend this book to people who have liked an Elizabeth Scott book before, or want a good contemporary young adult read that doesn't take place in a high school or on the beach." -- whatchYAreadin?

"As she watches over her older sister lying in a coma following a car accident, 17-year-old Abby sorts out her own jealousies and fears in a feast of introspection.

Abby's real relationship with the seemingly perfect Tess belies her younger sister's concern. Abby envied Tess's beauty, confidence and ability to attract the approval of everyone she met. She even pushed herself into a relationship with one of Tess's cast-off boyfriends, although she knew the boy loved Tess and not her. At the hospital, Abby meets Eli, an extraordinarily handsome boy who, it turns out, finds Abby attractive. Abby, however, won't allow herself to encourage him, even though Eli entrances her. Scott slowly unfolds Abby's damaged psyche as the girl grows in her understanding of both herself and of her sister. Abby's ability to accept herself as an attractive person develops in parallel to her slow acceptance of the reality of her sister's injury. Most likely, Tess will never emerge from her coma. The author creates well-developed characters in Abby, Eli and, eventually, in Tess, as Abby learns much more about her sister than she ever had expected to know. Supporting characters, too, easily stand out as real individuals.

Abby's emotional growth from her experiences, conversations and introspection emerges ever so slowly but will satisfy many teen readers. Leisurely but gratifying." --Kirkus

"Compulsively readable, this novel will appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen and Gayle Forman."-- School Library Journal

"The result is an emotionally wrenching exploration of hope, acceptance, and pride, and Scott's messages--that it's quite possible to break your own heart and that everyone deserves love--will resonate strongly with teens navigating their own first romances." -- Booklist

"Scott weaves angst, tragedy, and romance to tell the story of 17-year-old Abby, whose older sister, Tess, is in a coma following a car accident. Depressed, grief-stricken, and self-hating, Abby desperately wants Tess to recover, in large part so that she can get on with her own life. Enter gorgeous hospital worker Eli. When Eli speaks, Abby sees Tess's eyes flutter, so she persuades Eli to visit and speak to Tess regularly...her growth comes across as natural and genuine, as she slowly begins to put her life in perspective. Readers will appreciate that Scott resists a too-perfect, too-neat ending." -- Publishers Weekly

"I've read all but two of Elizabeth Scott novels and have loved them dearly because they all have a way of touching me with the diverse social issues presented in each one. I was ecstatic to open my mail and unexpectedly found that I received her new book! I automatically moved it up to the first book in my reading queue and immediately dove right into the story. First off after reading the summary and looking at the absolutely gorgeous cover, I had high hopes that this one would be one of my favorites by her. And I was right! It was a relatively short, quick read, but the beautiful, intriguing writing and story had me hooked till the powerful end...

The main character Abby has always felt she was inferior and in the shadow of her "perfect" older sister who is now in a coma after a bad car accident. Abby visits her sister every day at the hospital mostly because she feels compelled to help and talk to her in order for her to wake up because her life has been on hold since the accident. Abby at times really irritated me because she didn't think much of herself even though she is a strong, smart, and level headed female. She thinks no one could ever love her with her beautiful sister there instead and fails to realize a certain male right in front of her. I adored reading about Eli the most because he was a delight compared to the gloomy past and present in Abby's life. There were many unexpected revelations about Tess's life that comes to light which I was very surprised to learn. The romance and drama combined were perfect and made for a very good read!

All in all Between Here and Forever was just as amazing and heartwarming as Elizabeth Scott's others. If you have not read any of her books, you need to right away! If I were you, I would read Bloom while waiting for Between Here and Forever to come out this May 24, 2011." -- An Addicted Book Reader

"Pitch perfect, poignant, and provocative."-- What We're Reading Now

"I love Elizabeth Scott. Her books are always fantastic and surprise me in someway. Between Here and Forever was definitely amazing. Abby feels that she can't measure up to her sister, but I think that everyone feels that way about someone that they won't ever be as pretty or smart enough. She would do anything in order to wake up her sister and I adored her dedication to her sister. It was similar to what I would do for my sisters. She thinks that no one can see past Tess, but the whole time she was wrong. Tess had secrets that were uncovered and I found it sad that the person that Abby knew was not the person that she was. Eli was so sweet and he liked Abby so much. The character were so believable and relatable that I couldn't help loving it. The plot of this story was spectacular. Every moment of the story was beautifully written. Elizabeth Scott has such a raw and intense prose that makes a story so intense and realistic every moment." -- Sarah's Random Musings

"Elizabeth Scott long ago landed on my favorite author's list and Between Here and Forever only sealed the deal. Beautifully written, heartbreaking, and full of hope; this is one novel that will stay with me for a long time.

Abby has always lived in the shadow of her beautiful and charismatic older sister, Tess. For years things have always been Tess, Tess, Tess and Abby has always felt inferior to her. But suddenly Tess's light is blown out when she gets in a terrible accident and ends up in a coma. Abby's life is changed forever. Now Abby is dealing with everyone asking her about Tess, visiting her sister, and, most importantly, learning that she really didn't know her older sister at all.

As in many of Elizabeth Scott's books, Abby was a likable and relatable protagonist. Her emotions and struggles were obvious and my heart went out to her when things got tough. I was constantly hoping she would realize that she was her own person; beautiful in her own way. Even though the novel begins with Tess in a coma, readers get to see some flashbacks and learn a lot about the mysterious older girl. There were a variety of secondary characters, all of which played some role in the book, and no matter how minor that role was, each made an impact. Claire and Eli especially. Eli was a haunting and lovable character. While at first you don't really understand him, as the book progresses, his true personality comes to light and he was a fabulous guy. He helped Abby a lot, both with Tess and with herself.

Many secrets are revealed over the course of Between Here and Forever, particularly towards the end. Many of the characters are harboring secrets and Abby is astounded to find she may not have known the people around her as well as she originally thought.

Elizabeth Scott has a great writing style and combined with the unique premise of the story and fantastic characters, Between Here and Forever has landed on my favorites list. Characters from her earlier release, Bloom, make a reappearance so be sure to keep your eyes open for that. It made this book that much for impactful for me.

Overall, I highly recommend picking up this book. It's poignant and dark, with lighter undertones seeping through that makes it perfect to read as the weather turns warmer. Between Here and Forever will make you think and, even more, will reiterate the message that no one person can make you feel less than you are and that each and every person is beautiful in their own way. Elizabeth Scott has done it again and I'm sure she has many more masterpieces to come!" -- The Book Scount


Read an Excerpt: First Chapter

The Story behind Between Here and Forever: The very start of the idea actually happened back in 2007, when I was writing discussion questions for my first novel, Bloom--I was writing a question about what readers felt the future held for all the characters--and accidentally paired up two characters who weren't supposed to be! At the time, I laughed and changed it, glad I'd caught my mistake--but for some reason the idea of those two characters stayed in my mind and I actually wrote the first scene where they meet and connect on an entirely new level. But at the time, I had a bunch of other stuff going on, and I wasn't sure if anyone would even want to read a sequel to Bloom that wasn't about Lauren and Evan.

So, I kept the idea of those two characters together, floating around, and when I got the idea for Abby and her story--well, let's just say those two characters from Bloom were perfect for an important role in the book. I was thrilled to be able to revisit them as I dove into Abby's world, and everything combined together to create a story that I'm truly proud of.

ISBN: 141699484X (hardcover) 1416994858 (paperback)

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